About Us:

We are a small company in South Carolina that manufactures products for the serious fishermen. Our products are designed, patented, and used by the owner of the company who is an avid fisherman himself. We strive to manufacture dependable products that make fishing more enjoyable.

About Using A Buoy:

When offshore fishing, a fisherman relies on a GPS or LORAN System and a compass to pinpoint their location. A depth sounder and fish finder are used to locate structure, or ledges, and most importantly schools of fish. Upon reaching a desired location, the previously mentioned instruments must be relied upon to maintain position. There are no visual landmarks to mark the area.

To simplify the job of keeping the boat over the pinpointed area, anglers use devices such as an inflatable buoy, empty Clorox jug, or something similar that floats and large enough to be seen. The device must be tied to a rope with a weight attached and dropped overboard at the desired location. This provides a visual landmark to aid in drift fishing, or anchoring your boat over the area marked for bottom fishing. This device works very well, but has several drawbacks.

(1) Prior to leaving the dock, the decision must be made as to the water depth that will be fished, in order to cut a matching rope length to reach the bottom, plus an additional 20 feet to allow for swells.

(2) If the fish are not present upon reaching the planned location and the decision is made to try another location, additional rope must be tied onto the marker device, or take off depending on the depth. Many anglers make up several devices with different length rope attached for this reason.

(3) Once you are ready to leave your location, you have to retrieve your marker. This is a physically exhausting process, which generally requires two people to perform, one to do the pulling and one to ensure the rope does not become entangled inside the boat.

Everyone with whom I spoke was doing basically the same thing, or had stopped using BUOYS for this reason. Through my personal experience with this process, I came to the conclusion "There must be a better way!" There was nothing on the market that would make this task any easier. The only buoys available still required manual retrieval, nothing automatic.