Powerbuoy - Standard Unit

Powerbuoy - Standard Unit
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  • Item #: PB-300
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Price $100.00

To use:

Keep Drive Motor in storage until ready to retrieve buoy. Connect drop weight to line and toss buoy overboard at desired location. Buoy will unwind until drop weight reaches the bottom. Counterweights inside buoy prevent additional payout of line up to 3 ft. seas.

For strong current or seas greater than 3 ft: While holding the buoy, drop lead weight overboard until buoy stops unwinding. Take off additional line if needed to allow buoy to float over swells without lifting drop weight off bottom. Twist a half-hitch loop in the drop line and place loop over one of the weighted caps. This will prevent any additional payout of line. Now drop the buoy overboard. When drop weight is secure and the line is tight, one end of the buoy will lift up slightly indicating current direction and ensuring a good hold.