Powerbuoy - With Dive Flag

Powerbuoy - With Dive Flag
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  • Item #: PB-300-WDF
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To use:

Detach drive motor and store away until ready to retrieve buoy. Connect drop weight to buoy. While holding buoy, drop lead weight overboard until buoy stops turning. Take off additional line if needed for water conditions. Twist a half-hitch loop in the drop line and place loop over one of the weighted caps. Insert Dive flag/pole in top of buoy and toss overboard. Use buoy drop line for descending/ascending. Descend to the end of buoy drop line, place lead drop weight in weight belt pouch on diver. As the diver swims along the buoy will follow, marking where the diver is at all times. When beach diving, unwind enough line for the deepest depth you will be diving, loop a half-hitch loop in the drop line over one of the weighted caps, insert dive flag/pole in top of buoy, and attach buoy drop line to diver with clip.